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A pocket guide to plugging in off the grid in Brazil's Amazon
September 12, 2012


Taking Charge is featured in Engineering for Change.


"The Portable Light Project is another elegant off-grid power solution with a growing list of things to power up. The wearable solar textiles with built-in batteries charge power LED lights and mobile phones. And now, a new sidebar to that project is underway that ties together several interesting ways to use a phone, from aerial mapping to beekeeping...


... Mansfield envisions the phones as tools for ecological research and business development. With the right apps, the Amazon communities can take geo-tagged photos of plants and animals in their region and upload them to a database to document for worldwide research...


“Through this act of documenting their lands – an act of self-representation – river-community citizens are establishing the terms on which the rest of the outside world perceives the region,” Mansfield says."


Engineering for Change


© Taking Charge/Portable Light Project, 2012

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