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Instant Enclosure


Working with a limited material palette, this design is a tectonic and spatial examination of the relationship between architecture and the body: does an enclosure exist if the subject is outside of it?  With this interdependency in question, the design examines the body as a necessary condition of enclosure. Here, enclosure is implied through tectonic expression. However, the structure encloses a space only after a body acts upon a crank wheel that connects to a cable-and-pulley system that raises the structure, steadily increasing the sense of enclosure, completing the feedback loop with the body turning the wheel.  Vacated, the enclosure remains a trace of its interdependency with the body.  


With Patrick Hamon, Lulu Li, Jeongmo Kwon, Jenny Jiae Lee, Irene Figureroa Ortiz, Kate Brown, Alexander Sarkis-Karadjian, Sara Tavakoli, and Molly Gazza

Critics: Danielle Etzler and Mark Mulligan

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